The new short film directed by Hannah Jacobs and written by Harriet Gillian. Made in collaboration with the BFI and produced by Strange Beast. Full film coming early 2022!!!!
Where you’ll hear my Sound Design to this wonderful film ‘Your mountain is waiting’ and the awesome music from Kerry Leatham. Again I got the chance to work with my favorite Foley artist and Sound-Mate Rebecca Glover
Video Art work by Dareen Abbas. Immersion is an audio-visual installation evoking a parallel universe that hovers around our physical existence. Merging video projections and sculptures, it focuses on the transformation of materials whereby the camera captures its emotional and mental entanglement with the force of gravity and the primary elements (water, earth, air and fire). Supported by Moussem Nomadic Arts Centre- produced in the context of Theatre Piece Broken Shapes
Director of Photography: Geert Verstraete
Visual Advisory/Editing: Teun Brock
Assistant Director: Bas Bonhof
Sound: Arzu Saglam
“Echoing through a room, like a ripple in the water, an ego lingers in a sensitive body. Hiding. Holding on. As a person tosses and turns between their need to belong and seizing a chance to move on, a moment of awakening silently unfolds.”
An animated short film directed by Ezra Belgrado
Sound Design : Arzu Saglam
Foley Art : Rebecca Glover
Music / Drums : Anke Verslype
Animation & Acting : Ezra Belgrado
Live-action Shooting : Ezra Belgrado & Marleen Wynants
Technique : 2D Digital Drawing & Rotoscopy

Animation works