Animation, Documentary and Experimental film

Your mountain is waiting by Hannah Jacobs
The new short film directed by Hannah Jacobs and written by Harriet Gillian. Made in collaboration with the BFI and produced by Strange Beast. Full film coming early 2022!!!!
Where you’ll hear my Sound Design to this wonderful film ‘Your mountain is waiting’ and the awesome music from Kerry Leatham. Again I got the chance to work with my favorite Foley artist and Sound-Mate Rebecca Glover
Immersion by Dareen Abbas
Video Art work by Dareen Abbas. Immersion is an audio-visual installation evoking a parallel universe that hovers around our physical existence. Merging video projections and sculptures, it focuses on the transformation of materials whereby the camera captures its emotional and mental entanglement with the force of gravity and the primary elements (water, earth, air and fire). Supported by Moussem Nomadic Arts Centre- produced in the context of Theatre Piece Broken Shapes
Director of Photography: Geert Verstraete
Visual Advisory/Editing: Teun Brock
Assistant Director: Bas Bonhof
Sound: Arzu Saglam

“Aklıma beni rahatsız eden vesvese, düşünceler geliyor.”
“The delusions and thoughts that bother me come to my mind.”
short for the Art’s Birthday 2023 celebration at M HKA, Antwerp
Animation & Direction: Özge Akarsu
Sound Design: Arzu Saglam

Ego Echo by Ezra Belgrado
“Echoing through a room, like a ripple in the water, an ego lingers in a sensitive body. Hiding. Holding on. As a person tosses and turns between their need to belong and seizing a chance to move on, a moment of awakening silently unfolds.”
An animated short film directed by Ezra Belgrado
Sound Design : Arzu Saglam
Foley Art : Rebecca Glover
Music / Drums : Anke Verslype
Animation & Acting : Ezra Belgrado
Live-action Shooting : Ezra Belgrado & Marleen Wynants
Technique : 2D Digital Drawing & Rotoscopy

() Na het verdwijnen by Maï Calon

Niebla by Julian Arias
Inside the mouth of God time and space vanish, and all that remains are fragments of sounds and images in a constant recomposition of matter, stories, dreams or memories.

coming soon …

Paravan by Laura Ivic
At the end of the 1980s, my father joined the Yugoslav army as a deep-sea diver. I still hear all kinds of stories about that period in his life. My father is very good at telling stories, but in reality our relationship has always been difficult. In the form of a mosaic film, I am looking for connections that do link me to him. 
Paravan is a poetic documentary about our memories of a shared space, underwater.

Regie, camera, productie, montage, sounddesign, decor: Laura Ivic
Montage-adviseur: Martijn Van De Wiele
Sounddesign: aRzu saglam
Cast: Nebojsa Ivic, Kumail Syed, Maya Clapdorp

The Leak by Paola Cubillos
The quietness in a woman’s apartment is imperilled by the emergence of
a water leak. As the drops fall, unspoken memories of a sleeping man
surface with a scared child begging to be seen and protected.

Schleudergang by Gurli Bachmann

Boom by Maï Calon
The tree grows, and we follow in its stride. We break through the earth’s surface. An explosion of light, air, and breath. The openness, The plain we see before us stands in stark contrast to the womb-like ground. The wind makes the grass dance. Playfully, it moves like a flock of birds in the open air. Leaning to one side, then moving smoothly to the other. Organic movement transforms into a dragging, almost sleepwalking pace.
Fragile winter branches face each other naked and sharp. As the light climbs and dusk gives way to sharp shadows, the branches and trunks become silhouettes. The sun gives more than just light. The tree awakens from its winter sleep. Animatedly, they suggest the tip of the tree. Reaching for the sky, the playful lines end and merge into white: the sky.
As an epilogue, a video fragment of an entire tree appears.

earlier work in Animation as an animator

Islander’s Rest by Claudius Gentinetta
is a bitter-sweet, affectionate tale of innocence lost, bottled-up desires and the comfort of recycling.
“The boat goes out so often it comes back drunk from the sea.”
Island saying.
In Circles by Lina Walde & aRzu saglam
Often our brain produces circles about the same problems over and over again and we can´t get out.

One million steps by Eva Stotz
A tap dancer performs, while elsewhere people run from the tear gas of the police. Two worlds apart – if it wasn’t for an unexpected opening in the floor, right in front of the dancer.

Selfies by Claudius Gentinetta
In a veritable firework display of digital selfportraits, hundreds of quaint, embarrassing and dread-fully disturbing selfies were arranged in a unique short film composition. Single photos, artistically reworked, consolidate to form a ghastly grin that outshines the abyss of human existence.

knots by aRzu SaglamLisa LeudolphLea Stirnimann
A bus ride through a city which looks – at least in the beginning – quite normal. The longer the ride lasts, the more bizarre and surreal the scenes become which the passenger sees through the window. They form an inventive, sometimes funny, sometimes bleak vision of our world.
Liebes Tagebuch by Myrien Barth
‘Liebes Tagebuch’ is a personal examination of death. As omnipresent as it is, it remains intangible. Wind-up death rattles by, the flowers are wilted and the cat plays with a dead rat in the garden. The image is blurred and so is the memory. Dead squirrel, dead budgie and dead father. A girl hums a melody and a young woman talks about her grandmother and the pigeon on the pedestrian crossing. The mood is playful and light, a little melancholic.