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phases of de-knowing – a film

the quest for de-knowing is continuing. a small sneak peak into a deeper visual research of the phases.

Further 5th phase of de-knowing

‘Further 5th phase of de-knowing’  is an experimental film, projected into space to break away from the two dimensional screen and conventional cinema salon to create a spatial filmic experience (without the use of VR). 

The biggest part of the research in the ‘de-knowing series’ is the investigation of unlearning through learning and deconstructing through breaking into pieces, layering or distorting.

Another part is the placing of sound and image in space and how they can both be in space while leaving the audience the possibility to enter them rather than following them.

I investigate these two parts with various techniques, recording, materials, various kinds of speakers, transducers, sound sources and drawings on many different kinds of papers and foils. Additional to that I use the moving image to generate movement of light and textures in the space.

‘Further 5th phase of de-knowing’ is also the re-search of a fictitious world that dives below water level, slips between the sheets of surfaces, fails to utter the words in many languages and sounds as the things we do not understand would.

This installation is built with collaging various elements like sound through speakers and transducers, spoken word, drawings materials like papers, foils and plexi sheets, light and animations. It is an embracing and cinematic experience that invites you to float in it.

Fascinated by immersive storytelling and my big love for film and animated pictures that feeds into this work, I draw my inspiration from the investigation of volcanology and marine biology. This is my way of approaching this curiosity for these scientific fields. Using these elements is an expression of my endless excitement for the human interaction with its surroundings.

Voices: Rebecca Glover, Paola Cubillos & Bárbara C. Branco

Animations: Tiago Tobias Cabral Fernandes


“Fragile Egos” is a sound research with words and compositions about the most vulnerable part of the human animal: the fragility of its ego.

The moment the ego gets hurt and how it deals with this pain, feels fear and is in need to self protect and how it becomes vicious because of all that.

The following are stories and situations, that talk about facing intimidation, irritation and the need for validation. With compositions, spoken word, images and objects I stage those dynamics, processes and conflicts

voice : Ioana Mandrescu

sounDing – 4 Phases of de-knowing [variation 004]

4 phases, 4 compositions of de-knowing and a map. this is my debut album with 4 tracks and a very carefully crafted physical print on a two sided Rembrandt Stucco (130 gr) paper (60×40 cm) with texts, drawings and a taxonomy of traces of a collaged pseudo research.

available on Audiotalaia and directly with me aR

sounDing – 4 Phases of de-knowing [variation 003]

sound installation with crusts, glas plates, papers, foils, various sounding material and a sound scape and projections.

Sound installation at Wilde Westen Klinkende Stad, 2019 in Kortrijk, BE

Sound installation at November Music, 2019 in Den Bosch, NL

sounDing – 4 Phases of de-knowing [variation 002]

a audio visual exhibition. Video and Sound at ‘Chateau Nour’ thanks to Komplot, 2019, Brussels

sounDing – 4 Phases of de-knowing [variation 001]

a performed sound installation with papers, foils & various sounding toys and other material. a spacial experience and an invitation into the laboratory of de-knowing.
Thanks to EPAS, Geele Zaal, KASK, 2018

This is a restaurant

‘This is a restaurant’ is a work in progress, a research about hypothetical desires, suggestive needs, imagined tenderness and traitorous wishes that offer also dissatisfaction. This comes from the bottom of a waiters heart that can’t wait to wait on you, serve your ear and secure the service, free of charge once again (free entrance)

a collaboration with wonderful artist and writer Maria Lepistö.

so far shown at Performance Night, Copenhagen, DK / QO-2, Brussels, BE

relative north

a sound exhibition with transducers set up for the street art festival ‘sorry, not sorry’ in Gent in September 2019, BE.

this installation was set up on a house boat that used to be an old cargo ship, a beautiful creature with many stories. the composition is an imagination of how all its peculiarities may and do sound. the visuals are the roots it used to travel up and down the veins of Europe.

adjusted for listening on headphones.


in 2015 I developed 50 portraits from citizens of Húsavík, Iceland. In order to create a community project where the inhabitants of the small town in the north, or anyone really, could have fun getting lost in one another.
these portraits were drawn on to wood squares, cut into 5 pieces to then be shuffled back together in a photo-shooting session into many different possible constellations of a new ID, and an anti.entity

anti.ID.entity is a project which aims to cultivate the spirit of the anti.entity-idea: We are within an ‘I’ an ‘us’ and one face is the one of many.

‘I’ start when the other does, not quite, but yet end and the other starts when I, not quite, but yet end.

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